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Poster: Tyler Date: Feb 14, 2005 11:13pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Discuss: Evaluation Time for LMA Deriver (mp3, ogg generator)

Just to stir the pot a little more, let's look at Terry's "pissed off tapers" angle as it bears on practical impact here.

In contrast to Brad's list of positive examples above, there were indeed a few negative examples at the time we brought up the mp3 idea: tapers who said they would no longer upload, or mark tapes "no archiving," on principle, no matter whether we had our lossies opt-out or not.

A year down the road now, are we seeing a traceable negative effect from certain tapers following through on their declarations? I'm not talking about overall numbers of uploads. Rather, are we maybe seeing any gaping holes in certain parts of this collection specifically because of that (since tapers often specialize in certain bands)? Have significant numbers of other tapers followed the first protestors' example over the last year? On the other hand, are there a lot of other new non-protesting tapers just stepping into the gaps?

the only example I can think of now is in the Jack Johnson community. Boogie Shafer requested all the tapes he made be removed from the archive. though not large in number (i think they were 8-10?) they were spanning of several years, and were the highest quality. Boogie from then on marked his .txt files 'no' to help prevent furthur tapes being uploaded here. he has also been active watching to make sure stuff of his doesn't come up here and if it does, he requests it down fast. mostly that is hank williams III shows.

Then, if we decide we're seeing a major negative impact on this front, would some kind of "rollback" even help the problem now? Would that subset of tapers start contributing, or are they already "lost" to us anyway?

Thanks for any concrete examples here!

IMO they are 'lost' regardless what the archive does.. they stopped contributing here and i'm fairly certain will never contribute again regardless what the state of the archive is at any point in the future. this is sadening as their quality of show recordings is quite high and they are influencial in the taping world. but they are the only concrete example I can think of out of all the tapers / circles I frequent of people who stopped uploading b/c of the mp3 / state of the archive.

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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Feb 14, 2005 9:45am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Discuss: Evaluation Time for LMA Deriver (mp3, ogg generator)

Thanks for the feedback! However, if I recall correctly, Boogie started with his procedure *before* any dicussion of mp3s and such, apparently over other issues. Therefore his own case would not necessarily bear on the deriver discussion.

Edit: Indeed, from my notes, Boogie asked for a pull of his JJ items nearly 1 year before we started discussing the deriver.

...However, I do see that subsequent to that action he did express and share an anti-mp3-on-archive feeling with Alex, except that for both it may be folded into a more general anti-archive feeling.

Given Terry's pointing to TS threads above, I suppose I can just point to their own words here:

I'll grant you those 2 gentleman appear to be lost to us, Tyler. :(

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